Pottery Throw Glaze Hand Build Day

Throw and glaze pottery

Perfect for individuals, couples or friends interested in learning or improving pottery skills. You can start the day with a couple of hours on the wheel before trimming the bases of some of your cylinders and bowls too.  If you want to throw all day you’ll be very welcome to continue.  Otherwise, you can choose a hand-building technique or two such as coiling, pinch pots or making textured slabs of clay into a bowl or planter.

Flexible, enjoyable schedule to build your confidence with clay. Try techniques, textures and experimenting.

You get to glaze one of your creations to keep.  Extra pots can be glazed and fired for an additional charge.

Also offered as a two or three day workshop, spending longer on any of the above, weekdays or over a weekend.

If you can’t see availability on the dates you’d like, please get in touch. We can often set up 1 to 3-day courses to suit you.

Please contact us to discuss what you’d like to do if looking for 3 or more days.