Studio Technician Day

studio technician pottery day

A behind-the-scenes chance to see what happens on a day in a pottery studio. We’ll have a discussion to tailor the day to your proposed or established home studio and include clay preparation, storage and firing.

You’ll certainly have the opportunity to load a kiln, ask about firing temperatures and kiln programmes.

All this and more to let you know what goes on behind the scenes in a pottery studio after you’ve made your creation?

This is a one-off experience to spend a day with Jax and the team helping with and participating in some of the essential tasks needed to keep the studio running.

Perfect for anyone interested in arts and crafts, thinking of a career in ceramics, setting up their own studio or just looking for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend the day in a pottery studio.


What’s included?

You’ll have to be prepared to get your hands dirty! No two days are the same, but weekly tasks include glazing pots, sorting out glazes, loading/emptying kilns, packing pottery to post, making templates and messy jobs like recycling and pugging clay alongside washing equipment.

Tea and coffee included. Bring your own lunch.

The experience is 5 hours and is suitable from age 18+.

This experience is only available to book for one individual on a week day.  Dates subject to availability within the busy studio routine.  

Our studio is located in beautiful North Devon with fabulous views and plenty of free parking.